Company Formation Package Options
Here you will find information about the company formation packages available on our website.

The EXECUTIVE Package (£114.99) includes the following features:
Simple to use Online Company Formation System
Complete your application online and receive a response in around five working hours. The system incorporates the latest technology to deliver a simple to use intuitive interface that has been designed on the feedback from our customers.

You do not have to complete the application in one sitting. Any information entered on the system will be saved on your account for you to return to at a later date. You will only be required to make a payment once you have entered all the relevant information and if for any reason your application fails you can resubmit as many times as required without additional charge.
Printed Certificate of Incorporation
On successful incorporation of your company we will print a certificate of incorporation in accordance with the guidelines set forth by Companies House. The certificate of incorporation will display the company registration number and the official seal of Companies House. In many cases the certificate of incorporation is required to open a bank account.
Two Bound Copies of the Memorandum and Artciles of Association
When forming your company we submit a generic Memorandum and Articles of Association to Companies House, this is suitable for practically all commercial companies. On successful incorporation you will receive a professional looking copy of these documents bound in a presentation file. These documents will be despatched 1 st class on the day the company is incorporated at Companies House.
Loose Leaf, Hard Back, Combined Company Register
All incorporated companies must have a company register that is usually maintained at the registered office address. The company register is a statutory set of documents that contains information on the company directors, secretaries, shareholders, mortgages, charges, share movements and debentures. The register also includes a set of blank share certificates that must be completed and issued to the company’s shareholders as a record of their individual shareholding in the company.
First Board Minutes
When a new company is incorporated the directors may draw up a set of first board minutes. These minutes are for the record and usually include details on the appointment of the company’s directors, secretary, shareholders, banker and accountant. The document is an editable template that is delivered in Microsoft Word Format.
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